Chukwudi praises Governor Uzodinma’s swift response to Heartland transfer ban Saga


Heartland FC General Manager, Ifeanyi Chukwudi has praised the undying passion of the Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma which has helped to ensure that the transfer ban placed on the Naze Millionaires is In the final process of being lifted by the League Management Company (LMC). recalls that Heartland FC was barred from signing new players for two consecutive transfer windows after Mmaduabuchi Okereke and Segun Alfred Fatuwase through their representatives wrote to the LMC about the failure of the Owerri based club to pay them their entitlements after being allegedly unjustly sacked.

But the General Manager of Heartland, Chukwudi opined that the ingenuity and promptness of Governor Uzodinma ensured that the release of funds to pay the representatives of both players have helped to save the club from what could have been a dire situation.

“His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodinma made a frantic effort to ensure that the ban is lifted. He delegated me and the Deputy Speaker (Chyna Iwuanyanwu) and we went to meet with the LMC. We saw things ourselves and we confirmed that those bills need to be settled so that we can continue our activities of putting the team in shape,” Chukwudi told

“Imo State Government immediately approved the money the players were owed and we paid through their intermediaries. We have sent the copies to the LMC and their intermediaries have done the same.

“We are yet to hear officially from the LMC regarding their position on it. We know that it was the only problem we had that has prevented us from signing new players.”

Chukwudi pointed out that Heartland under his watch will continue to be prompt in reacting to issues affecting the club unlike the norm previously when litigations were instituted against the club with a muted response from Heartland top officials and he affirmed that he would ensure he builds a strong Heartland team with a good plan to ensure that the reserve team would serve as a supplier of talents to the main team.

“In the past, people run to the LMC after instigating litigations against the club but the management does not respond. LMC takes the decision based on the fact that failed to respond,” Chukwudi noted.

“I want to build a team that will rely on the reserve team for the supply of most newly signed players. I don’t want a situation where at every season we must sign new players.

“The players we recruited at the beginning of last season were not bad. Most of them had their bad spell and we were too impatient to allow them to leave. We should not have sacked them,” he concluded.


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