Unity Preseason Tourney: Mahanaim FC Player’s Rating vs Doma United


How Mahanaim boys showed up against Doma United based on Olaoluwa Aro’s Score-Card:

  1. Ibrahim Raaheem: (Rio)

He was calm and quiet yesterday, brought his experience to the game as well. Also known as “Rio” perhaps, as a result of his towering height, made three excellent goal-bound saves, whilst the game was very intense but wasn’t under pressure . (7/10)

  1. Yahaya Danjuma:

Yahaya is not a player with Man -made ability to play football because no one can explain where he got his energy from. He was in top shape yesterday, attacked aggressively and defended Intelligently.

The vice captain of the under 17 injected his National team exposure into the game tactically, whilst speedily joining the attack at every given opportunity without any sign of tiredness. Note, he was the best right back in Ghana where Golden Eaglets hoisted the WAFU B Under 17 championship few months ago. (8/10)

  1. Abu Robert: Abu is one of the most experienced left footed players in Mahanaim FC with his ability to function well as a left back.

He was technically good, has two major gifts of scoring from set pieces and ability to give sublime crosses that can put any defense line into troubles.

Yesterday’s game wasn’t his day as he was caught napping at the crucial moments in the second half; and of course, it seemed like he programmed himself to be playing backwards (just like the way Nigeria Economy is moving backward currently) against Doma United but I hope he gets better subsequently. (5/10)

  1. Sodiq YUSUF (c): Rudiger

Tall, embodies image of Real Madrid defender, Rudiger. He captained his team in the absence of his regular pairing, John Light but was able to cover up professionally and calmly.

Sodiq, wasn’t just superb but showed class in his composure on and off the ball. He battled with intelligence, dictate where the goal keeper should start the game from and took charge as a leader, in fact, he was absolutely in control of the defense.

Sodiq, contested key aerial balls yesterday adequately while giving Doma United striker, his lookalike in terms of height situational headache. A reliable center back on his Day!!!,(8/10)

  1. Umar Salisu: Malo

Oh well, he is fondly called ” Malo” maybe because of his demeanor. Yesterday, he had opportunity to start and paired Sodiq Yusuf in a 4-4-2 formation, was a little bit not composed at the beginning but later understand the rhythm of play.

Before now, Umar personally made my heartbeats especially off the ball but in yesterday’s game, I saw a ‘Malo ‘ that was massively involved aerially in the defense. He was kind of calculative in his approach and also showed how he is improving with ball-playing using his foot.

He didn’t give me much reasons to worry about the absence of captain fantastic, John Light. Umar was armed to the teeth throughout and I didn’t see any ‘unforced’ errors from him. Bravo Malo!!! (7/10)

  1. Muhammed
    Abdulsalam: (Vidal)

Vidal is a player that suits a defensive position looking at his body formation. He was obviously doing his job yesterday in the match against Doma United but in some cases, he got carried away with ball usage and was recklessly making basic errors. Despite these major mistakes, he was equally up to the tasks, used his physical ability combatively to put pressure on Doma’s midfielders. He needs to step up and should purge himself off elementary errors as a Defensive midfielder! (7/10)

  1. Adedayo Ibrahim: Partey

He is following the steps of Arsenal’s midfielder, Partey and no doubt, Ibro’s style of play depicts this. A personality with different functionalities yesterday while marking responsibly, also joined the attack Intelligently and rescued Mahanaim FC defensively as well.

He rarely play with Vidal but they understood each very well against Doma United and approach the game with maturity. He was Taciturn despite the tempo of the game, meaning, he was simply doing his job professionally on the field.

Partey was very present tactically, made Doma United struggled to express themselves at every point in the middle. Thumb up for “Ibro”! (8/10)

  1. Paul Ogunkoya (PAULO)

Paul is an ideal striker that can easily attract suitors across the globe.

I wasn’t really contented with his missed opportunities in yesterday’s game, simply because he was profligate but I will cut him some slacks due to the nature of the pitch; even though, he is still regaining his ability to reestablish himself into the culture of Mahanaim FC, having been loaned out to Ikorodu City FC, where he scored three goals and three assists in nine games. Paulo should have singularly made yesterday a doomsday for Doma, if he had converted his chances however, he overran their defense from beginning to the end. He intelligently made up for his unusual errors by providing the needed victorious assist , which was brilliantly placed and converted by his teammate, Michael Gilbert (Ozil).

Paul needs to learn how to bury every opportunity that comes way, although,on his A day,he would have scored three to four goals. Meanwhile it’s not enough for a Striker to be a bully as number goal counts more than work rates. (8/10)

  1. Sarki Ridwan ( Elnano)

Back from the injury that hampered his ability to prove himself more at WAFU Zone B Under 20, in Niger Republic.

“Seriki ” which means, King in English was explosive from the wings but didn’t give me the usual goose-bumps of his A game. He tried his best, attacked and defended massively, didn’t get tired of pacing out any right back or left back. Had a decent game with reasonable contributions as the rhythm of play changed yesterday against Doma United. He needs to do more to activate his potential for he has the talent to succeed greatly as a left-footer winger. (7/10)

  1. Yakubu Joel ( Spirit)

Joel is the shortest player on the field but most gifted, talented and unpredictable. I wonder why they tagged him “Spirit” but yesterday, I saw a player who was ‘ disappearing from the Midfielders and Reappearing in the box- 18 with the speed of light.

The wonderkid’s nickname worthy of spirit because, as he explosively disturbed Doma united in all the encounter he had, despite being roughly tackled and tracked down by the Gombe based team- players. He is pacing, dribbles with his body movement without you knowing, even though, he does this from afar. He had one or two chances yesterday but couldn’t put the Ball inside the Net.

Joel was great, and technically in the party yesterday while scattering Doma players like rice with his dribbling techniques; I believe event like this would help shape him for the future as he is already a Fearless player. (8/10)

  1. AbdulRahman Adam ( Pogba)

He is a player that has creative instinct to dictate the flow of game on the field. He was a different person (positively) yesterday as he has added combative ability to his creativity, a mentality which was noticeably in all he did against Doma; even his teammates were wowed to the point of asking what led to a new Skipper, with fighting spirit from all angles. He wanted to display his usual gift of dribbling but the pitch didn’t allow him control the ball, the way he does effortlessly. Skipper, now covers more ground and is slowly introducing box to box ability to his mode of operation, in fact, I was highly impressed with what he is becoming professionally.(8/10)

The subs:

  1. Friday Adejoh: (Rashford)

He is another fantastic, sleeking winger who can cause havoc on his day. He came on yesterday, fiercely added values to the team’s attacking style and defensive culture; Friday didn’t drop those killer passes because the game became more intensed thus, he had to minimize his ability to make progress upfront at some points. (6/10)

Michael Gilbert:Ozil

Gilbert is a gifted left footed player technically. He looked unprepared coming into the game but was lucky to have positioned himself for Paul’s well taken solo cross before putting it inside the net without stress. On his good day, he would have made more impact but he justified why the technical crew introduced him with that singular effort. (7/10).

Aliu Baba
Egwuatu Daniel
Michael Gilbert HB
Shalom James
Ogunkoya Peter
Friday Adejoh
Aderemi Shamsudeen
Light John


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