Okumagba plans to mobilise 20,000 fans for Eagles, other national teams


.Plans to make Nigerian teams home games more attractive

The President of the Super Eagles Supporters Club, Chief Vincent Okumagba has disclosed that it is his wish to ensure that followership of the country’s various national teams improves tremendously within the next two years.

Okumagba who spoke on a wide range of issues on the foremost WhatsApp platform, Nigerian Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) said he was in awe seeing the patronage leading clubs in Europe enjoy from their fans and supporters who adorn their jerseys during league and other matches.

To this end, Okumagba states that he is looking forward to that time when Nigerians will be fully adorned in the green and white colours of the country to offer support to the Super Eagles and other national teams.

The philanthropist and an oil magnate said that they are working with sportswear manufacturer, Haggai Sports to produce 20,000 jerseys to ensure the fans and supporters at the stands are fully decked in the green colours for national teams home games.

“When I watch teams abroad and their supporters especially teams like Real Madrid and the way their supporters adorned their white Jerseys I am usually moved,” Okumagba said in an interview. 

“I have decided that within the next 2 years I want to see our stadia filled with green and white anytime our national teams are playing. We are working with Haggai Sports to produce 20,000 jerseys for our home game alone to be able to achieve operation green at our stadium.”

Okumagba also stressed that even though their name bears Super Eagles Supporters Club they are still offering support to other national teams but that their immediate priority is the Super Eagles.

He also gives conditions to ensure that the different supporters in the country unite as one and work together under one umbrella.

“The name is Super Eagles Supporters Club but that doesn’t mean we don’t support other teams including clubsides. We have been supporting Enyimba. We were the only Supporters club in France for the women U20 and the Super Falcons.  

“Just like NFF have their core business as the Super Eagles even though they have other cadet teams, our may concern is Super Eagles but we support other teams as well.

“If there is the sincerity of purpose and we are ready for the truth I will not hesitate to support. They must go back and trace the reason why the club was fragmented in the first place. 

“Ladipo didn’t form the club but he has refused to quit the stage now we have other people who were my junior officers running their own clubs registered and not registered. If we have to come back together we must look at the problems from the root.”


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