Ohioze: Ottasolo Pre-season Tournament has provided a better platform for Yobo FC


Head coach Yobo FC, Harry Ohioze has thumbed up the organisers of the Ottasolo Pre-season Tournament who have provided games with which to give his boys the needed exposure ahead of the Nigeria Nationwide League season.

Yobo FC put themselves in the best position to qualify for the semi-final of the tournament after a battling 1-1 draw against Ottasolo FC and Ohioze told Ottasolo Pre-season Media that his boys played to instructions and didn’t lose concentration throughout the game.

“Football is all about total concentration. In the first 15 minutes, we dominated and had chances to kill off the game but in the last 15 minutes, we were out of the game and they were about scoring us,” Ohioze told Ottasolo Pre-season Media.

“It was the same thing in the second half. They dominated the proceedings but I thank God for the concentration of our boys. They were able to sustain the pressure.

“This is a better development for us because most of our boys need exposure and they need to mature in their game. Playing in the Ottasolo Pre-season Tournament brought them out and gave them the needed exposure.”

Yobo FC are currently second in the group with four points and 0 goals difference having scored three goals and conceded the same number of goals and when asked the team they would like to meet in the semi-final if they manage to qualify, the coach affirmed that his boys would be open to meeting any team that emerges from Group B.

“We are ready for any team. We are not afraid of any team. I know the boys will continue to progress from game to game.

“We will take advantage of any opportunity that comes. We will hold it and it will give us victory.”

Ottasolo Pre-season Tournament is sponsored by Otunba Gabriel Davies who is the owner of Ottasolo FC.


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