Iconica FC joins the elite, Obtains FIFA TMS


In a bid to ensure transparency and governance structure full compliance, Iconica FC has obtained FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS).

It will be recalled that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) was the first Member Association (MA) in Africa to implement the FIFA TMS Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS).

Propiertor of the Club Mr Ahmad Adiatu when asked what this means for the club he said:

“The aim is to be able to meet FIFA’s requirements when it comes to player transfer between clubs. It is the department that is designed for smoother, more transparent and international transfers of players between clubs quicker,” Ahmad stated.

Mr Ahmad who takes his players as family said the Football club asides from having a conducive environment also boasts of good welfare package both on and off the field.

“We develop them by having different types of training for different categories but at serene environment. We see to their respective needs both on and off the pitch. We do not treat them as players, we treat them as families.”

Iconica FC is indeed an academy that posses passion, discipline, good management, consistency and drive.


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