FIFA Council Seat: Barrister Green throws weight behind Pinnick


Former Nigeria Football Federation Executive member, Barrister Christopher Green has supported the decision of the current NFF President, Amaju Pinnick to contest for a seat in the FIFA Council for the good of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Green in a chat with Nigerian Info disclosed that Pinnick’s decision to seek a seat on the FIFA council should be seen as a Nigerian project that should be applauded and given the necessary support.

The Rivers State FA Chairman and ex-Chairman of the revered NFF’s Technical and Development sub-committee beckoned on Pinnick to step up his campaign to ensure he gets sufficient votes to nick one of the seats in the FIFA Council when the election holds in March this year.

“Well, he has a bright chance like any other person. Nigeria is a big football country and so other African countries must respect us. It is a Nigerian project as far as I am concerned because he is not going there as Amaju Pinnick,” Barrister Green told Nigerian Info in quotes picked up by

“He is going there as a representative of Nigeria. He is a Nigerian and we should give him all the support it requires. It is very important.”

Barrister Green who Is currently the Coordinator of the Real Madrid Academy in Port Harcourt described Pinnick’s passing of the tough FIFA integrity test to enable him to stand for the election as a welcome relief and he admonishes the NFF’s helmsman to ensure he carries out a massive campaign to ensure he gets the seat.

Barrister Green stressed that Pinnick becoming a member of the FIFA Council will ensure he is in best position to defend Nigeria and Africa as a wholee when issues come up for discussion in the Executive Council.

“It is a welcome development. It is one step forward towards the election. I think now he concentrates on carrying out his campaign and makes sure he gets voted come March when the election holds.

“It is also a momentary relief for Nigerian football and we should give him our support to making sure he attains that position. He is going to be the second Nigerian to do so.

“Not very much benefit if you ask me because whatever FIFA is doing now they will continue to do but again that we have a representative in FIFA Council is very good. He will become part of the policy-making body and he stands to defend not only Nigeria but Africa in FIFA,” he concluded.

There are six seats for Africa in the FIFA Council that is comprised of 37 members from the different continents that are affiliated to the world football governing body.


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