Jos Beach Volleyball Fiesta uncovers talents in beach volleyball says Barshep-Amakiri


Member of the Nigeria Beach Volleyball Commission, Bolcit Barshep-Amakiri has disclosed that the 1st Jos Beach Volleyball Fiesta has discovered talents and helped the grassroots players to compete at the national level.

Barshep-Amakiri who is also a Member of the Plateau State Volleyball Association revealed this at the closing ceremony of the 1st Jos Beach Volleyball fiesta in Jos on Sunday

The fiesta started on March 24 and runs through March 26, and featured more than 30 teams across the country.

Kada II won the Gold, Youth and Sports won silver, and G-Ranks won Bronze in the Men’s category.

In the Women’s category, Kada I bagged the gold medal while EdBac won the silver medal, and Kada II won the Bronze medal.

Barshep-Amakiri said the idea behind the fiesta is to encourage Beach Volleyball at the grassroots and discover talents.

According to her, “The turnout is overwhelming, this idea was born out of the need to encourage the grassroots and create a platform for them to showcase their talent but the response at the end of the day was encouraging.

“We discovered we had about Nine states represented here and it’s overwhelming but somehow we can meet up to our expectations. Hopefully generally it is the first of its kind on the plateau soil and in the north-central area and we did very well.”

She added that the Participants inspired her and they did justice to the theme of the festa, Pair to Inspire.

“The Participants which are the Volleyball players themselves did justice to the theme which is Pair to Inspire, initially when this idea was born we think we would get a few participants within the north-central region only to find out that we have participants coming from Lagos, Anambra, Benue and this met and surpass our expectations.

“The turn out here by the talents that were displayed, the lead and senior players in beach Volleyball that was displayed here actually did justice to the theme Pair to Inspire, it has also inspired me indirectly that this needs to be taken to the next level, we have to make this yearly event.

“Part of our success factor today is because, we had strategic partners who contributed both in cash, kind and advice in technical Knowledge on how to put on the National event itself, which inspired us to do more actually, we hope to get more strategic partners in subsequent editions, when the next editions will come up we don’t know yet but we intend to sustain this in Future,” she said


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