‘We take pleasure in improving our coaches’ credentials’, says Iconica’s Adiatu


Owner of Iconica FC, Ahmad Adiatu says he ensures his coaches are up to date with the necessary credentials, skill and knowledge acquisitions about the round leather game.

Adiatu further revealed that as FIFA rules are updated regularly so it is with his coaches as the coaching department is key to a successful team.

“We take our coaches portfolios seriously. Our coaches always like to upgrade their credentials and often work on ways to increase their knowledge. We support by sending them to coaching seminars or doing in-house training sessions for them,” Adiatu disclosed.

“FIFA rules are updated regularly so do we with our coaches, depending on the availability and suitability of the course. But it is something we practice as to meet the required standards and to accommodate the demands of the profession.”

Adiatu confirmed that Iconica FC in the near future will organise refresher course for their coaches at their base in Ibadan.


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