Tsenba Wummen League Preview: Relentless aim to cut Mees Palace’s lead in U-14; Can St. Monica halt reigning champ’s coronation in U-16?


After the goals laden matches of last weekend in the Tsenba Wummen Football League in the Under 14 and Under 16 categories that produced 72 goals, there are several eye-catching Weeks 29 and 33 fixtures that have been scheduled for Saturday, October 30th and next midweek.

37 goals were scored from 10 games in the Under 14 category last weekend with the reigning champion, Mees Palace and second placed, Relentless FA the peak of the pack after they plundered 14 goals against Vet Glory (8-0) and Young Champion (6-0).

In the Under 16 cadre, the defending champion, Mees Palace FA continued to show they are class apart from other teams after they pipped nearest rivals, St. Monica 1-0 through the goal of league’s highest scorer, Ahmed Musa. With 16 points gap over second placed, St. Monica, Mees Palace are within three points of retaining the title even when there are still five games to be played before the end of the season. They may not even need the three points if St. Monica fail to beat FC Izam on Saturday. There were 35 goals netted last weekend in the Under 16 category.

Under 14 Week 29 Preview

Relentless vs Elspuron:

Relentless FA will be eager to go for the three points when they face third placed Elspuron (50 points) on Saturday in Jos to continue to keep hope of a late slip up by the league leaders, Mees Palace FA, alive. With 67 points from 27 games, they are trailing the reigning champion by four points even though they have played a game more. There are still close to 30 points remaining to jostle for before the season ends.

Jr. Sporting Boys -Mees Palace:

For some reasons best known to the organisers, the fixture holds on Wednesday next week. Jr. Sporting Boys are fourth on the league table with 49 points and a win against Mees Palace will ensure they secure another three points after defeating Top Free Academy last weekend.

In other selected fixtures, Ceemonie SA will slug it out with Super Stars while Tin City host Samba Boys.

Under 16 Week 33 Preview

Jazzy Stars vs Mees Palace

After winning the league title last season with some games to spare, can Mees Palace repeat last season heroic again this campaign? With an unassailable 91 points as against 75 garnered by second-placed St. Monica, Mees Palace will be declared league champion for the third season running if they beat fifth placed, Jazzy Stars (54 points) on Tuesday, but the party could start as early as Saturday if St. Monica are unable to beat seventh placed, FC Izam (47 points).

St. Monica vs FC Izam:
St. Monica have two tasks on their hands when they face FC Izam on Saturday in a make or mar fixture. The only option they have to delay Mees Palace’s coronation as league back to back winner until Tuesday at least, is to beat FC Izam.

Another reason why only the three points will be ideal is to ensure they remain in the second spot until the end of the season. Kuru Young Stars team is breathing down their neck and are currently in the third position with the same 75 points as St. Monica but are behind by virtue of their inferior goals difference.

In the rest of the games slated for Saturday, Kuru Young Stars have an easier tie on paper against ninth placed, City Rollers (42 points). They will fancy the chance of displacing St. Monica, who have a tough tie against Unpredictable FC Izam, from the second spot while Tin City who are sixth with 50 points will contend with 12th placed Samba Boys.

The results of all the matches played last weekend and the fixtures for this weekend and midweek are captured below:

WEEK 32 U16 RESULTS 23/10/21

Tin City FA 2 (Mase Dung 30’,Israel Ishaya 44’) – 2 Galatians FC(Meshak Peter 17’,Adamu Mohammed 29’)

Jeddy Aca 1 (Lengnen Cyril 53’) – 0 FC Izam

St. Monica 0 – 1 MPFA (Ahmed Musa 45’)

Mabo Young Stars 2 (Buhari Dayyabu 20’,Abdul Abubakar 42’) – 2 Samba Boys(Muktar Jahir 10’,Lawan Ahmed 27’)

Kuru Young Stars 4 (Weng Joseph 9’,George Davou 15’,Daniel Bally 18’(OG),Mordecai Elisha 25’) – 1 SJC Lions(Agowa Abraham 30’)

FC Sport 0 – 3 City Rollers

Adalchi 4 (Gyang David 5’,30’,Fredrick Nyam 15’,Emmanuel Chuwang 40’) – 1 Top Free Aca(Samuel Aputhezie 20’)

Jazzy Stars 3 (Shadrack Patrick 9’,Udakandi Ajang 35’,Joel Ali 40’) – 2 Flying Shooters (Colins Ishaya 15’,37’)

Yard FC 0 – 4 CF Bwin (Elijah Goji 10’,Godgave Steven 20’,Julius Benjamin 35’,George Sunday 45’)

Rahbam FA 3 – 0 Royal Stars

WEEK 28 U14 RESULTS 23/10/21

MPFA 8 (Israel Davou 3’,5’,Rinloh Yohanna 26’,Fabian Peter 45’,Raymond Patrick 45’(OG),Nwachukwu Chibuke 52’,Destiny Lar 55’,Alvin Ajik 57’) – 0 Vet Glory

Ceemonie SA 2 (Joshua Christopher 35’,Weng Sunday 45’) – 1 Hephzibah (Mafeng Bulus 9’)

Jazzy Stars 1 (Jazreal Akintola 30’) – 1 SJC Lions(Kukyeng Pam 6’(OG))

Top Free 0 – 3 Jr.Sporting Boys

Super Stars 4 (Salim Kabiru 5’,Ismail Ahmed 10’,44’,Aliyu Yahaya 54’) – 2 Riverside FA (Yusuf Mohammed 21’,Adamu Aliyu 50’)

Young Champions 0 – 6 Relentless FA(Daniel Saidu 2’,21’,39’,43’,Bright Yakubu 12’,Promise Yohana 22’)

Invaders FC 0 – 0 Young Reformers

Elspuron 3 (Dawang Dauda 25’,Dung Joshua 32’,Simon Stephen 45’) – 3 Gangere Youths(Uzaifa Auwal 3’,10’,13’)

Light FC 3 (Joseph Solomon 4’,16’,Blessing Sunday 34’) – 0 Young Stars

Highland 0 – 0 Multiple Waves

WEEK 33 U16 FIXTURES 30/10/21

Kuru Young Stars vs City Rollers(3pm)

Yard Fc vs Jeddy Aca(1.45pm)

St. Monica vs FC Izam(10am)

Tin City FA vs Samba Boys(11.15am)

Mabo Young Stars vs Top Free Aca(12.30pm)

Adalchi vs Royal Stars(4.15pm)

FC Sports vs Flying Shooters(5.15pm)


SJC Lions vs Galatians(pp)

Rahbam vs CF Bwin(pp)


SJC Lions vs Highland(pp)

WEEK 29 U14 FIXTURES 30/10/21

Ceemonie SA vs Super Stars(2.45pm)

Riverside vs Jazzy Stars(8.30am)

Gangere Youths vs Top Free(9.45am)

Hephzibah vs Invaders FC(12.15pm)

Young Reformers vs Young Champions(pp)

Relentless FA vs Elspuron (11am)

Multiple Waves vs Light FC (4pm)

Young Stars vs Vet Glory(1.30pm)

WEEK 33 U16 FIXTURES 3/11/21


Jazzy Stars vs MPFA(4pm)


Jr.Sporting Boys vs MPFA(4pm)


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