Sunday Dare: Nigerian Football needs a business plan


The Minister of youth and sports Development, Chief Sunday Dare has affirmed that Nigerian football needs a business plan in order to compete favourably with others in the world.

Speaking on Friday at Ilaji Hotel Sports Resort , Akanran, Ibadan at the Football Business Forum, the Minister, stated “It is not a coincidence that stakeholders are gathered at the Ilaji Sports Resort  to discuss a critical  issue in Nigeria’s football odyssey. When i visited Ilaji Sports Resort few weeks ago, I was enthralled  by the magnitude  of investment an individual  has put into sports development  and decided  that the Ministry should hold the event  here due to inherent  lessons to be taken away about private  public partnership. The problems militating against  the development of our football  are legion,  but  should not deter  us from our mission and vision of getting  it right”.

“Despite economic  stagnation  created by the effect of COVID-19,  world football Governing body  FIFA’s  revenue projection remains  at $6.44 billion.
Coming at a time when European clubs recorded a loss of € 1 billion,  this is astronomical.In spite of Nigeria’s  rich football  culture,  we have not started  tapping this gold mine. While majority  of clubs are government  owned, poor remuneration, lack of structures, absence of  financial  base remain impediments  to growth.  Most so called professional  clubs remain mere appendages  of Government  sustained either for political  patronage,  social mobilization or just mere social service.”, he asserted

Chief Dare explained that for any policy to make a difference there must be condition precedence.” I want to charge the managers of Nigerian football, the NFF to present a football development master plan (at all levels-youth, amateur, professional, women football) before the end of 2021 with specific models and timelines, program of action and expected outcomes. This must be done against the backdrop of the mindset that for football to become business and attract the necessary investments there must be a structure that is at par or strives to be at par with what we see elsewhere. The casual, cavalier approach to our football development by the NFF must change at all levels. In tandem with FG’s plan to deliver a new policy of sports as business, government will demand more coherent and consistent plans, initiatives and programmes from not just the NFF but other Federations. The table talk time is over. It is time to shake the table towards identifying and exiting those who hold or have held the growth and development of our football by the jugular”

He further added “I believe  you will chart a new pathway for  our football  Development.  Be rest assured that whatever  recommendations from this gathering  of eminent people  would not be swept under the carpet or thrown into the thrash can”

The Minister commended President Muhammadu Buhari for approving the re-classification of Sports as Business thereby paving the way for a reviewed National Sports Industry Policy.


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