No Offside Magnificent 8 shifted to November 15


The ‘No Offside Magnificent 8’ initially billed to take place in Legacy Pitch from October 17 has been postponed to November 15th.

This was one of the key decisions taken by Organizers at the weekend.

CEO of 36 Lion, Gafar Liameed stated that the competition will no longer kick-off in the coming week.

“We have postponed the Scouting Tournament ‘No Offside Magnificent 8’ from November 15th to November 18th 2022,” Gafar Liameed told the Media on Saturday.

“The cash prizes have been removed and registration of 5 Million Naira has been refunded back to the participating clubs.

Gafar Liameed continued: “These same 8 clubs shall be invited for the new format in appreciation for their trust and holistic collaboration with 36 Lion and Diamond Sports.

“We crave the indulgence of our associates, our partners and our supporters world wide for this significant change and apologize for all inconveniences.

“The concept is the same but now with a touch campaign class and political undertone for our Godfather, the Sports Loving next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he added.


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