Nigerian & Gent striker, Chinonso speaks up against racism


Emeka Chinonso’s official debut for KAA Gent did not exactly go to plan after he was left in tears following an alleged racist insult by one of the coaches of the opposing team, Fred Vanderbiest.

It was reported that KV Mechelen assistant coach Fred Vanderbiest shouted something to 19-year-old striker Chinonso when Lucas Bijker fell to the ground after a duel.

“I called out: Didn’t he get any food or what?That is not intended to be racist. I say that to everyone,” the coach defended.

“If someone goes into serious duels, I say so. Did you not get any food? Afterwards I was waiting for the boy to explain what I said in English. But I was not allowed to join. I talked to Vadis (Odjidja). And then that show? Maybe they are frustrated with their bad game and want to cover it up like that. Butterberg, the fourth ref, stood next to me. Normally that’s red and suspended for seven weeks, huh.

“I am not a racist at all. Why then that boy was crying? Because they have gone a step further at Gent. ”

However, Genk coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck was clear: “If one of my assistants ever said something like that, I would not work with him anymore.

“I played a boy who can play in Europe for the first time. That should have been a party, but it was a drama.

“That boy was crying. I’ve tried to speak to him three times but I can’t stop him from crying. He’s a very sensible boy and he knows all too well what it’s about. ”

Vadis Odjidja thought it was “sad” that the fourth ref did nothing. Vanhaezebrouck immediately went to Jan Boterberg after the comment.

“Everyone had heard. The fourth ref was at least ten meters closer. He said he can’t do anything if he hasn’t heard anything. The Referee Department must appoint new referees. You can’t whistle matches with people who are deaf.”

The former Water FC hitman is expected to come good and establish himself in the colours of KAA Gent along with his Nigerian counterpart, Oladoye Adewale.


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