Ikukuoma Mbaise Owerri Zone U-20 Football Tournament: Umuoree, Amumara complete Round of 16 teams as tourney enters knockout stage


The group stage of the Ikukuoma Mbaise Owerri Zone U-20 Football Tournament has been concluded and all the 16 teams that have booked their places in the second round of the competition sponsored by the President of Ikukuoma Sports Development Foundation, High Chief Summers Nwokie, have emerged.

Umuoree Eziudo (Ezinihitte Mbaise) Amumara (Ezinihitte Mbaise) picked the final two tickets on Sunday at the Central School Field Ezeagbogu Ezinihitte Mbaise, the venue of the tournament.

Going into the final round of games, Okpofe Ezeagbogu (Ezinihitte Mbaise) needed a big win to force a qualification ticket off either Umuoree or Amumara but Okpofe suffered a 1-0 defeat to Umuoree through Prince Ogbonna’s own goal scored in the 6th minute of the game.

The victory guaranteed Umuoree top spot in Group D with six points. They, Eziudo and Irette Ward 6 (Owerri West) were the only teams with maximum points enroute the Round of 16.

In the second game of the day, Johnpaul Ohaeri’s 54th minute proved to be the difference between Nnarambia (Ahiazu Mbaise) and Eziudo. Eziudo and Nnarambia are through to the next round from Group H.

The 16 teams that are through to Round of 16 are:

*Ere Na Biringwe (Owerri West),
*Obizi Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise),
*Irette Ward 6 (Owerri West),
*Emii Community (Owerri North),
*Ihitte Ward (Ezinihitte Mbaise),
*Ogwa Community (Mbaitoli)
*Umuoree Eziudo (Ezinihitte Mbaise)
*Amumara (Ezinihitte Mbaise)
*Ihiagwa Ward (Owerri West)
*Lude Community (Ahiazu Mbaise)
*Aguneze (Ahiazu Mbaise)
*Onicha Nwenkwo (Ezinihitte Mbaise)
*Uvuru Community (Aboh Mbaise)
*Obokwu Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise)
*Nnarambia (Ahiazu Mbaise)
*Eziudo Ward (Ezinihitte Mbaise)

The Ikukuoma Mbaise Owerri Zone U-20 Football Tournament is packaged and sponsored by High Chief Summers Nwokie whose love for football is second to none. He has sponsored it to ensure that Owerri youths channel their energies towards something positive and see if they can make a career out of football.

Ikukuoma Mbaise Owerri Zone U-20 Football Tournament Group Stage Results


Ere Na Ebirigwe (Owerri West) 0-1 Ogbe Community (Ahiazu Mbaise) Result cancelled


Mbieri (Mbaitoli) 0-1 Irette Ward 6 ( Owerri West)

Ihitte Ward (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 1-1 Ogwa Community (Mbaitoli)


Okpofe/ Ezeagbogu (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 1-0 Umuoree Eziudo (Ezinihitte Mbaise)

Ihiagwa Ward 10 (Owerri West) 1-1 Ibeku Ward (Ezinihitte Mbaise)


Aguneze Community (Ahiazu Mbaise) 2-0 Onicha Nwankwo (Ezinihitte Mbaise)

Obokwu Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 2-2 Oru Community (Ahiazu Mbaise)


Nguru Nweke (Ahiazu Mbaise) 0-1 Nnarambia Ward (Ahiazu Mbaise)

Ere Na Ebirigwe ( Owerri West) 1-0 Obizi Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise)


Ihitte Ward (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 1-0 Mpam Ekwereazu (Ahiazu Mbaise).

Mbieri (Mbaitoli) 0-3 Emii (Owerri North) Walkover


Ihiagwa (Owerri West) 2-2 Lude Community (Ahiazu Mbaise)

Okpofe Ezeagbogu (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 0-1 Amumara Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise)


Obokwu Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 1-1 Uvuru (Aboh Mbaise)

Aguneze Community (Ahiazu Mbaise) 0-0 Umuhu Okwuato (Aboh Mbaise)


Ogbe (Ahiazu Mbaise) 0-3 Obizi Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise)Walkover

Nguru Nweke (Aboh Mbaise) 0-2 Eziudo (Ezinihitte Mbaise)


Irette (Owerri West) 1-0 Emii (Owerri North)

Ogwa (Mbaitoli) 0-0 Mpam Ekwereazu (Ahiazu Mbaise)


Umuoree Eziudo (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 1-0 Amumara Community (Ezinihitte Mbaise)

Ibeku Okwuato (Aboh Mbaise) 0-0 Lude Community ( Ahiazu Mbaise)


Onicha Nwankwo (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 1-0 Umuhu Okwuato (Aboh Mbaise
Oru Community (Ahiazu Mbaise) 1-3 Uvuru (Aboh Mbaise)


Nnarambia Ward (Ahiazu) 0-1 Eziudo

Okpofe/Ezeagbogu Ward (Ezinihitte Mbaise) 0-1 Umuoree Eziudo (Ezinihitte Mbaise)

Ikukuoma Mbaise Owerri Zone U-20 Football Tournament

Round of 16 Fixtures

1st Group A Ere Na Birigwe, Owerri West vs 2nd Group C Ogwa Community, Mbaitoli

1st Group B Irette Ward 6, Owerri West vs 2nd Group D Amumara

1st Group E Ihiagwa, Owerri West vs 2nd Group G Obokwu

1st Group F Aguneze vs 2nd Group H Nnarambia

2nd Group A Obizi vs 1st Group C Ihitte Ward

2nd Group B Emii, Owerri North vs 1st Group D Umuoree Eziudo (Ezinihitte Mbaise)

2nd Group E Lude vs 1st Group G Uvuru

2nd Group F Onicha Nwenkwo vs 1st Group H Eziudo


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