Football fan kills Referee after awarding alleged ‘soft’ Penalty

A basketball referee holds a ball during a game.

John Changaa’ Okwoyo , a retired primary teacher and an experienced former FIFA Referee who was so passionate with his job that’s why he loved officiating for free at his advanced age.

He was on Friday officiating the Mashinini football match tournament between Ichuni Youth and Aspire FC as the first Assistant referee when he met his untimely death.

When the Incident happened , there was contradiction over the cause of aggression that led to the assault with Kisii County FKF secretary Evans Mageka saying the fan had hit the referee for wrongly flagging a foul , the secretary said that the intruder emerged from the spectators and hit the referee with a flying kick at the lower abdomen , rendering him unconscious.

He was rushed to the nearby subcounty hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.


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