‘Cynosure prime for National League promotion,’ says Festus Allen


Head Coach of Cynosure Football Club Abakaliki, Festus Allen has expressed his preparedness ahead of the new Nationwide League One season.

Since resuming duty with the “Centre of Attraction” team in November 2020, the dogged tactician has been revamping the team tacitly and putting the broken pieces together.

With the Nationwide League One season drawing closer, Coach Allen disclosed to Cynosure Media on what to expect from his team .

In his words : “My expectations are not far fetched; (the main goal is) to promote Cynosure Football Club to the Nigeria National League (NNL). Our fans should expect a disciplined team with a winning mentality.”

When asked about his on and off the pitch experience in Abakaliki so far, he said.. “My experience here is a bit different , despite the first time coaching in this geo-political zone in my career. On the pitch ,it’s the usual coach and players routine. Off the pitch ,the environment here is different from other places I’ve worked, the people here , are with much courtesy ,greeting you in respective manners despite the difference in age(s) . I also fall in love with the local delicacies, such as Òkpà, Ukazi soup ,Vegetables , Ohà soup etc.”


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