2nd Akarachi Mbaike Unity Cup: Mbaike standstill as winners receive cash prizes


Encomiums continue to pour in for Engineer Akarachi Amadi, donor of the recently held Akarachi Mbaike Unity Cup after mouthwatering cash prizes were doled out to the deserving teams that excelled in the competition.

The cash presentation was done recently at the corporate headquarters of the Akarachi Foundation on Okigwe Road, Owerri.

12 teams each from Ikeduru and Mbaitoli Local Government Areas also known as Mbaike took part in the over 20 million Naira worth tournament which ended last month.

Amaimo from Ikeduru LGA who are the winner of the tournament received N1,500,000 (One Million and Five Hundred Thousand Naira), Ndidi Njoku received the cash prize on behalf of the people of Amaimo who were the winner of the inaugural tournament held in 2021 before retaining it once more.

Just as in the 2021 edition, Orodo B played second fiddle to Amaimo again after they were beaten on penalties. They were rewarded with N850,000 (Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira)and it was received by Eze James on behalf of the people of Orodo B.

Akabo came third after they came back from a goal down to eventually outscore Orodo A on penalties. They got the cash prize of N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) which was received by Chief Emenike Nwaganu on their behalf.

Meanwhile, Orodo A that came fourth received compensation of N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira) which was received by Olugbuo Chris on behalf of Orodo A.

The Best player award went to Ekene Onu from Amaimo who got a cash sum of N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) while impressive Orodo A’s Chibueze Agha with six goals was the highest scorer and he bagged a cash reward of N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira).

Amaimo Goalkeeper, Avusa Anthony was adjudged the Best Goal Keeper due to his string of impeccable saves and he was rewarded with the sum of N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira).

While the Best Behaved team went to Orodo A and they were given N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) cash prize as Chukwuma stood in on behalf of the ward.

The recipients of the cash prizes couldn’t hide their excitement after receiving these cash prizes as each of the ward representatives reacted to Akarachi’s kind gesture.

Ndidi Njoku on behalf of the people of Amaimo thumbed up the philanthropic gesture of the donor, Engineer Akarachi Amadi and he prayed that God grants him the desire of his heart as he aspires to lead the good people of Mbaike.

Njoku said: “It is not easy to fund this huge tournament, Akarachi donated 20 million Naira for this cup last year without declaring any political intentions and paid the winners the prize money cash as promised.

“This year again he has donated over 25 million Naira to the same competition and now we are here collecting the cash reward today.

“What I am saying is that, as he has done this for the Ikeduru and Mbaitoli youths, that God will grant him his heart desires because he worked hard and hustled to get this money. This money is not for from politics rather it is from his hard earned sweat and he singlehandedly funded this tournament. May God see him through and nobody will stop him. he will take us to Abuja.“

In his reaction, Eze James who received the prize money on behalf of Orodo B as the first runner up praised the donor, Engineer Akarachi Amadi who is the CEO and Founder of Akarachi Foundation and Integrity Group Initiative(IGI). He also affirmed that they declare the news about the philanthropic gesture of the donor to all the nook and crannies of their area. He also wished him success in his political endeavours.

“I’m so happy to see that what we have been talking about has finally become a reality. I want to appreciate the organizers for successfully hosting this tourney,” James began while told to speak in appreciation of the gesture.

“What Akarachi did today, is a very big thing for our community and ward.
this prize money is just like a bell, so we are going to show people of our community that we are the products of Akarachi and we will assemble the community in a meeting and show them this prize money we won from the tournament. When we are done, we will bring feedback to the organizers and i’m sure in the subsequent visits to our ward, you will see the effect of this prize money in our community.”

Cheif Emenike Nwagana who was presented with the N500,000 on behalf of the people of Akabo was also full of praises for astute young Philanthropist.

”I want to appreciate all the members of IGI group and also the participating teams that made this tournament a success but most importantly we thank God almighty for giving Akarachi the heart to fund this tournament for the youths,” Nwagana stated.

“Now see how it turned out, we have played this tournament successfully and nobody fought that is to show that Akarachi himself has a clean heart.

“Some other tournaments have been hosted and on most occasions they end in disarray and confusion at the end of the day and you won’t even get the prize money. But take a look at this tournament, barely a few weeks after the tournament, we received the prize money as promised. and on top of it, about four youths among the participants have been taken to overseas to play football.

“I pray that God will see Akarachi through in all that he is doing and pray that as he embarks on this leadership journey successfully. May his path be smooth and successful and may God remove anybody who will stand in his way. Victory is for Akarachi.”

The Akarachi Mbaike Unity Cup which its second ended last month was design to give opportunity to Mbaike youths to showcase their talent and also rid their hearts of social vices as they try to make a career out of football.

The second edition has Chief Godson Onyemaobi as the Local Organizing Committee chairman with the IGI General Coordinator, Chuks Metu also in the committee.

This was the sole aim of the Akarachi Unity cup, to be able to give opportunity to the youths and take them of the streets.


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