16 Nigerian Wrestlers to attend 2019 Africa Games


The Nigeria Wrestling Federation says 16 wrestlers will represent Nigeria at the forth coming Africa Games in Rabat, Morocco as against 23 that hoisted the country’s flag at the last edition in Congo.

Technical Director of the Wrestling Federation, Damien Ohaike said the list was reduced from the 23 taken to the last Games to 16 to as only competitors in the Olympic Games weight categories will be allowed to compete at the Africa Games. 

“We will leave Bayelsa where the team is preparing for the games for Abuja on August 19. Our list was reduced to fit the Olympic weight class only and we will be going with 6 female wrestlers, 6 Freestyle and 4 Greco-Roma wrestlers”.

Nigeria won the wrestling event at at the last games in 2015 with 9 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals.  The Africa Games start from from  August 19-31.


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